Meet The Team


We are unique here at URPURSUIT. Each member of our team is a seasoned consummate professional. Everyone has extensive education, credentials, certifications and most important experience. We have all owned our own businesses. We have taught, mentored and coached individuals and businesses. We excel at developing both people and business through proven knowledge, methods and techniques. We look forward to working with you in URPURSUIT

Mark Yeager PCELC

Business & Personal Development


Mark brings 40 years of business experience and counseling to the team. He has owned and operated multiple businesses in service and merchandising. His multiple credentials in counseling and consulting individuals is only surpassed by his experience. His expertise with individual, family and groups is proven and acknowledged. He is also an experienced public speaker.

O: 219-649-1010

Dr. Grace Campugan DDS

Business Development


Grace brings 20 years of business ownership to the team. In addition to being a successful Dentist with multiple offices she is also an accomplished entrepreneur. Her vision and passion are motivating. She strives for excellence which is seen in her costumer service expertise. She is also an accomplished Chef.

O: 219-649-1010  

Lucinda Guarino LMFT

Business & Personal Development​


Lucinda brings 40 years of business and counseling experience to the team. She has owned and operated her own businesses. Her expertise in marketing, publishing and operations is only surpassed by her experience in counseling and consulting. Education, credentials and thousands of hours in personal development make her an expert. She is also group and conference speaker.

O: 219-649-1010